Jennifer Williams, LPC, LMFT

Director of Supervision & Training

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  As a graduate of the St. Edward’s Masters in Counseling Program, I completed my practicum hours and the majority of my post-graduate hours at CAC.  In this time I came to understand the mission of the agency and learned the importance of positive supervision as an effective training method.  As the Director of Supervision and Training, I am excited to bring to CAC my specific clinical  knowledge around cultural diversity, trauma, couples and family psychology, and  conflict resolution.

I have worked both with non-profit agencies and in the private practice sector.  I have learned to use patience, neutrality and a sense of humor in my work with clients and supervisees.  I recognize the energy and effort put forth by the incredible volunteer therapists at CAC and offer respect, support, and guidance to them on this important journey.

Heather Davies

Heather Davies, LCSW

Clinical Partner, Supervision & Training


Socia Clínica, Supervisora y entrenamiento

Yo soy una trabajadora social clínica, estudiante de terapia de danza, y miembro orgullosa del personal de Capital Area Counseling. Como Socia Clínica de CAC, tengo el privilegio de ofrecer apoyo logístico, clínico y entrenamiento a terapeutas y a supervisores. Yo ingresé a esta increíble comunidad de profesionales en Septiembre del 2012 y  estoy en edificio 10 horas por semana. Yo disfruto y aprecio el entusiasmo de nuestros terapeutas y supervisores, el compromiso y la dedicación la misión y visión de CAC y la creatividad y diversidad que cada quien trae que se manifiesta en el trabajo de sanación que ocurre aquí.

En mi vida afuera de CAC, yo soy dueña y opero Phoenix Thriving, PLLC, psicoterapia privada, supervisión y entrenamiento de práctica en Austin Central que nos entrelaza con los principios de personificación, creatividad, y las herramientas de espiritualidad para cultivar y apoyar la conciencia de evolución individual, de la comunidad, y global y el bienestar.

I am a clinical social worker, dance movement therapy student, and proud member of Capital Area’s clinical staff.  As a CAC Clinical Partner, I have the privilege of offering logistical, clinical and training support to both our therapists and supervisors.  I joined this amazing community of practitioners in September 2012 and am on-site 10 hours per week.  I so enjoy and appreciate our therapists’ and supervisors’ enthusiasm, commitment and dedication to CAC’s mission and vision and the creativity and diversity each brings to how that is made manifest as the healing work that happens here.

In my life outside of CAC, I own and operate Phoenix Thriving, PLLC, a private psychotherapy, supervision and training practice in Central Austin that weaves together the principles of embodiment, creativity, and soul-based tools to cultivate and support individual, community and global conscious evolution and wellness.


Omolewa Akinyode, Bachelor of Social Work

Receptionist/Office Assistant

Hello there! I’m elated to join the Capital Area Counseling team as a Receptionist/Office Assistant. I am a free spirited woman with a passion for counseling and social work. My goal in life has always been to spread positive energy and I am honored to be able to usher others into a space of connection, support, and healing here at CAC.

I am currently on the path to becoming an LMSW and have provided supportive services at various non profit agencies in the community.

Outside of CAC, I spend my time in parks with my head buried in a book, exploring the many vegetarian/vegan spots in town, and engaging in various forms of creative expression.


Rachel Patterson, MA, NCC, LPC Intern

Reception/Office Assistant

I am grateful to be a part of Capital Area Counseling’s staff as a receptionist/office assistant.  I am honored to support CAC in its mission of providing affordable and effective psychotherapy to the greater Austin community. Should our paths cross, I look forward to being the smiling face that greets you from behind the front desk!

When I am not in my role at CAC, I work in the field of psychotherapy as a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern, earning hours under my supervisor in a private practice setting. I also make sure to spend time with loved ones, breathe deeply in nature, and nurture myself with mindful movement and healthy food.

Nic  Dyl 2

Nikki Rampick, BA, English Writing and Rhetoric



I am thrilled to be a member of the Capital Area Counseling staff and community. I feel privileged to be part of such a compassionate, forward-thinking nonprofit organization. My heart beats for connection, and my individual mission in life is to compassionately connect with others by offering them genuine hope and healing through servant leadership and the sharing of my own personal story of hope and recovery. I feel truly blessed to have landed in an environment that lends itself to this mission and to the service of others in such a dedicated manner.

In my time outside of CAC, I practice the art of writing and author a blog called Redbirds and Survivorships, which provides a safe online space for community for those traveling on the road of recovery. I also establish and maintain friendships wherever I go; whether it be my local Starbucks or the yoga studio, I do my best to connect with others in a genuine, meaningful way. My time spent at CAC greatly enhances my day-to-day experience, even when I’m not there, by reminding me of the beautiful connections everywhere and the perpetual growth of the human spirit that’s available to all of us. We are born to thrive. Thank you, CAC.


Ryan Dillon, MA, NCC, LPC Intern

Clinical Administrative Assistant

I am so happy to be part of the team here at CAC as the Clinical Administrative Assistant. My role is to make sure all of our counselor’s paperwork is up-to-date and on file. I also provide assistance to our Clinical Director, Clinical Partners, and Executive Director to help CAC run smoothly to provide you with the best services possible.

When I am not in my role at CAC, I provided counseling services in a private practice setting in South Austin as a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern under supervision. I specialize in counseling Transgender adolescents, teenagers, and young adults. Outside of counseling you can always find me with a book or at a park enjoying nature with a loved one.

possible 2

Executive Director

Ruslyn Smith, LCSW

Executive Director, Non-voting Board Member

Directora Ejecutiva, Miembro sin voto del comité

Yo creo en la importancia de vernos unos a otros en el contexto social, cultural, y en las influencias y fuerzas ambientales. Donde he encontrado más alegría hasta ahora ha sido en el descubrimiento y alimentación de nuestros dones internos que son desconocidos, que no han sido explorados y que han sido olvidados junto con otros.

¡Siento un gran amor por Capital Area Counseling! Desde el 2004—2007, he hecho voluntariado como terapeuta de postgrado.  En conjunto con otro trabajo de consejería en la comunidad, he podido completar los requisitos para una licencia clínica avanzada en trabajo social.

En CAC me di cuenta que estoy parada en los hombros de otros—esta comunidad enternecedora que lleva mucho tiempo existiendo, no nada más cree que la terapia efectiva y a bajo precio debe ser accesible para todos sino también están dispuestos a dar su tiempo y talentos para convertir esta necesidad en una realidad.  Yo veo mi rol aquí como un apoyo a todas las partes móviles—manteniéndome leal al espíritu del trabajo gratuito dentro de nuestras profesiones respectivas mientras guardo, despejo, y creo espacio para: quienes somos como somos y el deseo de ser en sus tantas formas, sanación, crecimiento, relación profesional y comunidad.

I believe in the importance of seeing each other in the context of social, cultural, and environmental influences and forces.  Where I’ve found most joy thus far is discovering and nurturing unknown, untapped, trapped or long forgotten inner gifts alongside others.

I love Capital Area Counseling!  From 2004 – 2007, I volunteered as a post-graduate therapist.  In conjunction with other counseling work in the community, I was able to complete the requirements for advanced clinical licensure in social work.

At CAC I realize I am standing on the shoulders of others – this longstanding soulful community who not only believe that affordable and effective therapy should be available to all but who are also willing to give their time and talents to make this a reality.  I see my role here as being supportive to all the moving parts – staying true to the spirit of pro bono work within our respective professions – while holding, clearing and creating room for who we are and desire to be in its many forms in relation to healing, growth, professional relationship and community.