Jaime Telfeyan, LPC-S, NCC

Executive Director, Non-voting Board Member

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor with a Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin in Stevens Point and a Masters in Counseling Psychology from the University of West Alabama in Livingston. I have lived in Austin since November of 2005 and will likely never leave the wonderful state of Texas! My passion and life’s work has always been in advocating for and supporting those in need of mental health services. I will continue to lend my voice and strength to that cause here at CAC. I am moved and inspired by the amazing team I have the honor to work along side while doing so. I hope to see you (YES YOU) around Austin at the many fantastic fundraisers CAC will be having to ensure that every single individual, couple, and family that needs services with us is able to receive them!

When I’m not at CAC I can be found in North Austin with my extraordinary twin daughters doing all kinds of fun and creative things! In my free time I enjoy running, reading, movies and all things chocolate! I live my life as an adventure and find a reason to share a laugh and a smile every day!





Clinical Partner

Stay tuned for information on Clinical Partners!

Andy Lane, M.A., LPC Intern


At the foot of our beds sit two little gremlins: fear and apathy. Whereas fear tells us to stay at home because life is too scary, the other says “why bother?” The key to therapy is to overcome these two gremlins so we can show up to our own lives. This is where I come in—helping clients make those first steps. As both Scheduling and Reception at CAC I help clients feel welcomed home and synced up with the right therapist for them. You may hear me on the phone, or meet me at the front desk and if you do then please say hello!

As a former CAC therapist, when not at the front desk, I see clients in my own private practice setting earning hours under my supervisors and Professional Counselor Intern License. I hail from the early 2000’s Houston music scene and find my free time occupied by science fiction, cooking, and writing and performing my work.

Keli N Dean, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist – Associate


Being a part of the CAC community has been important to me from the moment I stepped in the door as a student-intern candidate. As I became a part of the therapy team, the essence of CAC nourished me in ways I didn’t imagine. My personal passion is working with couples and others wanting to have healthier relationships with themselves or others. I also enjoy guiding clients to discover conscious sexuality. These days, you may see me at Reception or talk to me when we schedule your first appointment. I feel honored to be here & adore greeting those of you who walk through our doors.

Outside of CAC, I see clients at a private, professional therapy practice here in Austin, spend time with people who are essential to my life, hike or attend a yoga class. I also love to be outside and traveling the world when I have the opportunity.