Dr. Monique Rodriguez, Ph.D., LPC

Board Secretary

I have a PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision and a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from St. Mary’s University. My research interests include bridging body awareness with clinical practice and counselor education. I am especially interested in the embodied dimensions of the therapeutic relationship as a nexus for healing.

I provide counseling that builds on the creativity and strength of the client and draws on Gestalt therapy and body process. I believe the body has wisdom and by bringing awareness to our body, we gain access to memories, emotions, and beliefs that are otherwise outside of our awareness. I specialize in working with addiction and long-term recovery and adult survivors of child abuse and trauma, I believe in creating greater awareness of and sensitivity to our relational responsibilities as therapists, and am particularly passionate about the role of our body in the therapeutic relationship.

Working with the body in psychotherapy opens up options for understanding, experiencing, healing, and becoming aware of issues that traditional talk therapy is often unable to access due to the control of the conscious mind and verbal expression. Body-Centered Psychotherapy is a holistic approach that integrates the body into the therapy process. Our bodily experience forms the base of our relationship to the world. By bringing awareness to our body in therapy we gain access to memories, emotions, and beliefs that are otherwise outside of our consciousness.

My approach is rooted in co-creating an embodied relationship with clients. An embodied relationship encourages interpersonal connection—especially during times of crisis and inevitable disconnections in our lives. I believe it is through embodied presence that we experience not what we do in the therapeutic relationship, but how we do it. As we become more aware of the messages our body sends to us we can then begin to lead healthy lives—both physically and psychologically.


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