Lindsey Lucius, LCSW-S

Clinical Partner

[email protected]

As a Clinical Partner here at CAC, I love providing support to our wonderful group of pre and post grad therapists. 

I graduated with my MSSW in 2011 from the UT Austin School of Social work.  I’ve studied and trained in EMDR and my approach is highly influenced by attachment theory,  self-compassion, parts work, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). I believe the therapy room offers a framework to connect with yourself, work through difficult emotions, and unveil the answers within you. Every behavior, feeling, and thought process serves, or served at one time, a very important function. If you can gently begin to access and listen to the hurt, the scared, the shamed or the protective parts of you, you can find what they need. This is the place of hope and shift.

I came to be a therapist through being highly interested in people and how they become the way they are. Once I was in graduate school and learning about trauma and attachment, I realized I had some years in therapy ahead of me. While unintentional, finding this work opened me up for my own healing and I am so grateful for it. I’ve lived in Austin most of my life. I identify as a Highly Sensitive Person, and a people lover (although, still an introvert!).  In 2017, I became a Mom. I enjoy learning, dancing, and spending time with my daughter and my partner.

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