Maureen Havelka, LCSW-S

Clinical Partner

[email protected]

Twelve years of practicing social work has given me experience working with: people in the Queer/LGBT community, people struggling with gender identity or who are in the process of transitioning as well as members of the polyamorous and kink communities. I hold a special place in my heart for working with those who are experiencing terminal illness and/or grief and loss. I currently run a full time private counseling practice that has a DBT focus and is trauma informed working with individuals who are 14+ years old.  My social work professional history includes work in an inpatient medical hospital as a medical social worker, intake admissions for psychiatric hospitalizations in the ER, as well as ER social work, utilization review for mental health insurance and working for an LGBT community center’s homeless youth program. I also have had experience working with chronically homeless adults and working  with survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and hate crimes.


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